One of a Kind Electric Guitars


A riff on one of Leo Fender's early designs.

Six String Bass


In the next life, I will certainly be a bass player. And I will start earlier. And I will be properly trained.

But why digress?

This design came about because I wanted to have a six string bass like the one Leo designed, but I didn't want to spend the money it takes to get a Fender.

And I wanted to have the amp, built-in.


30" scale.

For this rendition, I chose a few pieces of an oak wine barrel to hold it all together. It is very solid and has a vintage aesthetic. The T style bridge is very close to the end on here and we have a humbucker, so we can get that bite and thump real easy. It will be simple to add additional pick-ups for you if you want to play Jazz or create rounder, softer contours. Let me know what you like. I'll put it on there before it's finished.

If you are wondering about the headstock... It's hard to find a tapered short-scale bass neck in my price range, so I converted this 34" P style neck and sized it down to 30" while maintaining the function of the truss rod. Now it's bucking like a Bronco.

The neck is also plenty wide for a six string, playing chord formations yet slim enough to get around on for any scales you do. We still need to do something about the dot markers which were placed for the original 34" scale neck that it once was. Until then, just don't look down.

The amp is a vintage Harmony TEA-2030A and it runs on a 12v. rechargeable battery. Very nice tone.

If you already have a tapered 30" scale neck for a 6 or a 4, I would love to make another one of these with that.

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