One of a Kind Electric Guitars


Boneyard Guitar

I used to do this all the time back in Oshkosh


He rattled the cages that haunt unseen stages in backwater battles of the modern age. 

Indeed, by the measured trueness of this account, would have been left unscrambled, one would not likely have guessed ... and so it was and seemingly always would be.

With this guitar fashioned from the boneyards of bad bets on broken wishes, he chased ageless cadences; a washboard whiskey prattle, paint can kick drum and a shark's tooth tambourine threatening to make it rain.


Here are a bunch of parts from broken guitars.

The body was from and old Hondo that was in pieces in a closet when my friends in Napa Valley rented an apartment. The neck from that went to another project.

The neck is a Squier with Takamine tuners. I don't know where the Chinese pick-ups are from. The Knobs are from Stratocasters. The Tune-o-Matic is from a parted out Hollow body as well as the tailpiece.

speakers are from parted out mini amps who's circuitry days were numbered.

The amp is from a Smokey MINI and it runs on a 9v. battery. Vol. Tone. The Gain is in the volume knobs on this one, the more volume you do, the more gain you get. I recommend Lithium rechargeable for the obvious reason, of course, but above all, the tone is far superior.