One of a Kind Electric Guitars


A level playing field

There are many ways to create a level playing field. Here's one of them.

For this rendition, I chose a Mason's tool to hold it all together. The surface has the evidence of being used as such. The shape of the frame on these aluminum levels is an opportunity to eliminate the need for a tailpiece.

The neck has a slightly shorter scale and a working truss rod, German made, Framus. It has excellent relief now under the tension of 9-46 strings with excellent action and I believe it will stay. .

The body is from an old toy guitar from the 60's, Eminee Tiger, arched top and back. It has been braced on the edge from the inside to make it rigid. The speakers are mounted behind the f-holes on this one and the three way switch gives you choice between them or you can choose stereo. I don't know why they each sound different but they do. I like the proportions of the body better on the TigerTwin than I do on the original Tiger. It's about the same size as a Telecaster.

The TigerTwin is fitted with a Gretsch Chrome Electro Lap Steel Pickup. I have to find more of these.

The amp is Harmony 2030A and it runs on a 9v. battery. Vol. Tone. Gain. I recommend Lithium rechargeable for the obvious reason, of course, but above all, the tone is far superior.