One of a Kind Electric Guitars


Taking it to another level



Concise and to the point. There is nothing here that does not serve a purpose while beautiful on the eyes as well. The bottom bout serves to provide just the space needed for strumming without your hand hitting your leg when she is sitting on your lap while it makes a gusset for stabilizing the amp at the same time. The top bout is there to provide the right balance point for hanging it on a strap when you are playing while walking to work or standing on the subway platform or waiting for the bus. If you play the guitar until the bus comes, Is it waiting?


There are many ways to create a level playing field. Here's another one.

For this rendition, I chose an extruded aluminum tool to hold it all together. It is very light and it had a unique sound before the parts were ever added. We obviate the need for a tailpiece by utilizing the frame of the tool as the tailpiece.

The neck has a maple headstock, left over from a guitar that has a scroll added to it, The rest of the way the neck is a mahogany from an acoustic guitar. Plenty wide. The wood is light and it has working truss rod. It has excellent relief now under the tension of Power Slinky® strings with excellent action and I believe it will stay.

The body is from an old funky thin body electric. I obtained it after someone removed the paint. It looks like the person bailed on the project after they realized how difficult it might be to make the edges come out nice. It looks great just as it is. I rubbed it with lemon oil and it's ready to make hay.

The amp is a Fender® MD-20 and it runs on a 9v. battery. Vol. Tone. Gain. I recommend Lithium rechargeable for the obvious reason, of course, but above all, the tone is far superior.