One of a Kind Electric Guitars


Get up! and Get down!

There are many ways to create a Party Bass. Here's one of them.

For this rendition, I chose an entire wine barrel stave to hold it all together. The wood is very nicly weathered and it had a solid sound before the pickup was ever added.

The neck is an old Harmony short-scale Hockey Stick. It has a working truss rod and plays well with low action.

The amp on this one is a hot rodded Harmony with bluetooth and a set of stereo speakers for the output. Think of it as a Garageband drummer in your pocket when you link this to your iPhone.



The bass in the video.

Is one which was made from a standard elecric guitar neck. It takes some heavy strings to hold a low E on such a guitraption, but it gets the job done. Wish I still had her. Let me know if you want one.