One of a Kind Electric Guitars


Taking it to the next level

There are many ways to create a level playing field. Here's one of them.

For this rendition, I chose a nicely broken in Miller Falls tool to hold it all together. The wood is very light and it had a nice sound before the bouts were ever added.

The neck has a huge headstock and is very old. The wood is light and it has no truss rod, however it has gone full sway over the years and previous owners. So, I leveled the frets and dressed them nicely. It has excellent relief now under the tension of 9-46 strings with excellent action and I believe it will stay. I really like the way the low frets have places between them where the wood is worn down from making music.

The body is from an old viola, carved spruce top and maple back.

The amp is from a Fender® MD-20 and it runs on a 9v. battery. Vol. Tone. Gain. I recommend Lithium rechargeables for the obvious reason, of course, but above all, the tone is far superior.