One of a Kind Electric Guitars


Not just for capo players

There are many ways to create a mini guitar. Here's one of them.

For this rendition, I chose an Oak wine barrel stave to hold it all together. The wood is very stained from the juice on one side and the days in the cellar on the other.

The neck had a huge headstock so I redrilled the pattern and cut it off shorter. The neck went with me on a little acoustic guitar that did almost evcery mile I drove with the 18 wheelers. I played the same song on her until the fingerboard came off. We had a nice Maple one shifting from one project to the other, so it kicked in on this one to make a nice little 19" scale guitar.

The body is from an old viola, carved spruce top and maple back.

The amp is from a RubÿtoneStack and it runs on a 9v. battery. Vol. Tone. Tone. Gain. It sings!.