One of a Kind Electric Guitars

Level Playing Field

Not many guitars around with a punch line for the name. It just works out sometimes.

Keep everything On The Level

Everyone knows how important that is..


JJ. likes to scrounge around in his shed whenever I stop in and see him back in Wisconsin. He has come up with a few contributions including the Door Jam. You will get a kick out of another guitar that has a punch line for the name.

Somewhere along the line, JJ came into possession of several of these old Mahogany Carpenter's Levels. People from the UK always call it a "Spirit Level". I love that.

My first attraction to the tool is the age and wisdom that it has. Straight grain lumber, chosen carefully to make sure it's tried and true for the reliability which is necessary to have A tool that you can count on. It has nicely protected brass corners on it, and the patina. Everybody likes to say patina, don't you?