One of a Kind Electric Guitars

Door Jam

It's the only part of the door that can still jam!

Keep it simple.

Everyone knows how important that is..


Ever since he saw what happened to this chunk of wood, JJ. likes to scrounge around in his shed whenever I stop in and see him back in Wisconsin. He has come up with a few contributions including the Door Jam. You will get a kick out of another guitar that has a punch line for the name. Check out the Level Playing Field.

JJ was working hard one day when I found him in Oshkosh on my way through town. We talked and he showed me around. On the way out to the truck to see the new guitars, we carried some of the scraps. whenever this part of the door hit the sidewalk after I dropped it, the sound it made got me thinking.

My first attraction to it is the age and the story that it has. How many stories are there in a 100 year old apartment which is being rejuvenated one more time?